About us


 We are nothing more than a very sporty family of 4 who are crazy about Fell Running. Simon Bailey (8 times English Fell Running Champion, World Championship V35 individual silver medalist, Commonwealth team gold and numerous international vests). Kirstin (8 times British Open Fell Running Association Champion). Also, 16-year-old Oliver (England Fell Running International) and 11-year-old Bleu (2x National XC Champ & Current British Fell Running Champ).

Our experience with exercise, racing and sporting products adds up to approx. 85 years! Kirstin is also very entrepreneurial & has 3 degrees: in Business, in ICT & in Computing.

A few years ago, Simon had major problems with Plantar Fasciitis which was impacting on his training and racing performance. So, Kirstin, his wife went about researching a way to solve this common problem that many  athletes suffer from. We can share our research with you that 100% solved Simon’s Plantar Fasciitis! Click downloads to find out more.

From this research the gr8ful team has gone onto create some completely new and exciting cutting-edge products that can truly make a difference to anyone truly passionate about their fitness and exercise.  We constantly work to ensure that the products we offer are the very best that they can be. We are consistently looking for ways to improve our product’s practicality and reliability, to ensure that we never offer a substandard product.  We offer 100% money back guarantee.

Success happens when you are gr8ful. So, what are you gr8ful for? Join us now and shop if you want amazing quality sporting products at fabulous prices! Be gr8ful like a champion!